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Why I'm Running

From an early age, one question has motivated me — how can I help?  To answer that question, I looked to where help was needed and what skills I had to offer.


When I was in high school, the answer was to organize my fellow students to help children at the Indiana School for the Deaf.  In my professional career as a journalist and newspaper editor, I found my passion for serving the community. 

Giving voice to ordinary people and helping the public gain a better understanding of the things that matter most – these things were my calling. And, as a journalism professor, I sought to pass on these skills to others as my way of ensuring future journalism excellence.

From my high school days till now, I have always participated in providing direct assistance that makes an immediate difference. For example, I helped lead one of my nonprofits’ long-time programs that provides food to families in our own community. For more than 35 years many nonprofits in Torrance have benefited from my time and skills.

I go where I’m needed. At this key moment, I believe I’m needed on the Torrance City Council. That is why I am stepping up to run for the District 5 seat – the first time this part of Torrance is electing a representative to the Council. We need someone with the right skills who can help set a high standard for professional conduct and service to our residents. 

I did not choose to run out of political ambition. I’ve never had any. I am running for one reason: Because I care too much about our city and the people who call it home not to.

What is the power of purple?

Partisan divisions are tearing our nation apart.  Even at the local level, the battle between team red and team blue rages on.  The consequences are political gridlock and people not being served by their government.

It’s time to stop focusing on what we disagree on and start working on the things we have in common.  We all want safe and clean communities, great schools, a healthy and vibrant economy and a local government that is responsive to its residents.  We want to make Torrance an even better place to live, work and play. 

When red and blue come together you get purple, and you get the power to succeed on the things that matter most.  This is how I plan to work on the Torrance City Council, bringing people together to get good things done. 

Jean Adelsman is committed to a clean and healthy environment for Torrance.  That’s why she is endorsed by leading environmental organizations.

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Jean Adelsman is Endorsed by leading Torrance Republicans and Democrats

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*For identification only

Jean is endorsed by:  20 Torrance Elected Officials (current or former)
30 Torrance City Commissioners (current or former)
                                        5 Torrance Chamber of Commerce presidents (former)
And a growing number of residents
See the endorsement page for an updated list.


Managing Editor, Daily Breeze

Torrance Civil Service Commissioner

Adjunct Professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 


Katy Geissert Arts in Excellence Award, given by the Torrance Arts Commission. 2011

Woman of the Year, given by YWCA 1988

Journalist of the Year, given by SPJ, L.A. chapter. 2002

Woman of the Year, given by the Switzer Center. 2013

Inspiration Award, given by H.E.L.P. 2013

Woman of Distinction, given by Daily Breeze. 2010

Community Volunteer of the Year, given by the Affinity Group. 2017

Interactive District 5 Map

If you live in the shaded area, you live in District 5.